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Metering pumps by LEWA – for maximum metering accuracy and reliability

LEWA diaphragm and plunger pumps, which are reciprocating positive displacement pumps, provide the greatest possible metering accuracy. They set the standard for safety, reliability and efficiency, especially when it comes to pumping supercritical fluids. Every metering pump made by LEWA is designed with particular strengths: Whether your needs include energy-efficiency, low maintenance costs, or an extremely long service life for diaphragms. Or perhaps you are looking for a metering pump model that can handle supercritical fluids and liquid gas, or one that meets the highest requirements and demands of the oil and gas, chemistry, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, or food and beverage industry.

en:LEWA ecoflow® diaphragm metering pump
en:Hydraulic actuated diaphragm metering pump
LEWA ecoflow is the innovative and universal metering pump with DPS diaphragm protection system in a tried-and-tested modular system. Suitable for numerous applications, the ecoflow is our real all-around talent, relied on by customers from all industries.
Flow rate 19 m³/h per pump head
Discharge pressure 1200 bar

LEWA process pumps for high-pressure processes and applications

Major customers from every industry —from crude oil extraction to pharmaceutical production— depend on process pumps from LEWA when it comes to systems with high-pressure processes or pumping large volumes. We use components from our proven modular system to specifically build the process pump that best meets the task for your application. LEWA triplex and LEWA ecoflow are the industry benchmark for reliable, durable and energy-efficient high-pressure pumps.

Centrifugal pumps from globally leading manufacturers

LEWA distributes centrifugal pumps from leading manufacturers and for many different applications – the lowest temperatures (-162 °C), highest viscosities and abrasive fluids are routine for us. Numerous customers from the oil and gas industry and energy providers trust our partners' centrifugal pumps and LEWA's expertise in installing, commissioning and servicing equipment and systems.