Seminar S3

Safe operation and fault diagnosis of LEWA odorizing systems.

The 1.5-day seminar is aimed at users who operate, repair and troubleshoot LEWA odorizing systems.

Our customers are employees at plant construction companies, service providers, industrial customers, public utility companies, network operators and more who are responsible for the safety of the plants as part of their activities. This requires specialized knowledge about the relevant regulations, such as DVGW G 280, gas odorization and odorizing systems. If odorizing systems malfunction or fail, a thorough fault analysis is essential. Those responsible must be able to identify potential problems and take appropriate action. Our trainers have many years of experience and can communicate the complex interrelationships of control and mechanics in an understandable and practical way at our training facilities.

Seminar Data
Seminar title
Seminar S3 – Safe operation and fault diagnosis of LEWA odorizing systems.
Softdrinks during breaks and lunch are included in the services. LEWA invites you to dinner at the first seminar day.
€660.00 per participant, plus the current legal rate of VAT
Headquarters LEWA GmbH Ulmer Str. 10, 71229 Leonberg/Germany
  • Basics of the G280
  • Introduction to odorization technology
  • Standard odorizing systems for swap bodies OD7/OD8 (DA7/DA8)
  • Standard odorizing systems with stationary tank OD-60-1000
  • LEWA metering pumps MAH / MBH / MLM // Function, valve change, oil level
  • Flow meter KMM / ZHM
  • Control OCU / SPU / SIOU / IOU / EXU
  • Injection point
  • Level measurement
  • Factory Tour
  • Being able to reproduce the basics of odorization technology and the control loop.
  • Being able to assess the condition of an odorization system
  • Being able to handle the odorization system safely
  • Being able to diagnose faults in the odorization system and the odorization control system
Seminar Dates
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11/04/2024, 12:00 PM
11/05/2024, 1:30 PM
05/13/2024, 11:00 AM
05/14/2024, 12:30 PM
Other dates on request
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